Welcome to Snackademia.


I, uh…hi!

After a hilariously long unexpected hiatus, it turns out some things were actually going on BEHIND THE SCENES. The M’Academia Nut is now…🌟Snackademia🌟 !!

You’ll see that name change reflected all over my social media too, which includes Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. (Facebook to come soon.) And an INCREDIBLE logo designed by my genius beautiful amazing friend Elizabeth. Thanks, Elizabeth!

And while some things may have changed, REST ASSURED you will still be presented with the finest of low-carb delicacies from this day forward. And that’s a promise.

Check this space for an epic grand reopening recipe with more to come! I’ve got lots planned for y’all. Hints have been presented above. 😘

And above all,Β thank you so much for coming back to see everything I want to share. Truly, you guys (…and cake) are the only things that keep me motivated.