Findings Suggest Blogger Likes To Be Able To Back Up Calling Her Blog ‘Healthy’ With Actual Facts | Study
Joy, Sara et al.



Research has shown that calling a recipe ‘Healthy’ is literally as easy as typing ‘Healthy!!!’ when discussing the recipe.

Little may be known about the actual healthiness of said recipe. Blogger Sara Joy has endeavored to research, cite actual sources, and share her own experiences on why some of her beliefs about healthy eating may go against conventional wisdom.


To examine the importance of backing up our sources and explaining why a grain free, sugar free, low carb recipe for a two-layer chocolate cake could be called ‘healthy’.

Setting and Participants 

Parties; get-togethers; hanging out at home and deciding to bake a cake, etc.

Participants include friends, family, and party-goers involved in peer-review taste-testing.


Both quantitive and qualitative methodologies were used over the course of 5 years of intensive research. After eliminating all bread, grains, starches, and sugars from her diet, Sara Joy discovered a vast improvement in her own health. By continually staying up-to-date with current research in nutrition, health and wellness, Sara Joy determined that there is no magical One Size Fits All diet, and that the food pyramid may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Conclusion and Relevance

The personal discovery of several serious food sensitivities inspired blogger Sara Joy to delve into the scientific and academic world with a fervor. ‘Dietary restrictions’ do not have to mean ‘restricted diet’ – and no one should be denied dessert if they want it.

Beliefs supported by science, study, and experience led blogger Sara Joy to create and assemble a collection of ‘healthy’ recipes for nearly any dietary need. She has been rumored to be a new brand of scholar – a Snackademic. And totally nuts about it.


Joy, Sara. “Findings Suggest Blogger Likes To Be Able To Back Up Calling Her Blog ‘Healthy’ With Actual Facts.” snackademia.com. WordPress, 2016. Web.

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The information on Snackademia is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please note Sara Joy is not a medical or nutritional professional – you should always consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.


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